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Skinny: what to wear! Fashion advice


This website is created for naturally skinny girls and women. Even though most women want to be skinny, a lot of naturally thin women have a hard time finding well fitting clothes.  So if  you are petite, short or naturally thin, and have a hard time finding the right clothes - here are some articles on this website that might help you:

Extra Small Stores - Where to buy petite clothing

Extra Short - fashion expert gives advise on what to wear when you’re short.
Short Legs - Tips on what to wear when you have short legs
Short Torso - Tips for short torso tops and short torso swimsuits

How to make small breasts look bigger - tips for a little va-va-voom
Tops that enhance small breasts - tips on what to wear if you have small boobs
Beachwear for small breasts - tips for small bikini tops

Extra Small Butt - What to wear to perk up that flat rear

Short Legs - Fashion expert explains what to wear if you’ve short legs
Skinny Legs - What to wear to make your skinny legs appear fuller

Skinny legs - fashion advice on what to wear to make your legs look fuller
Create curves - Summer dresses that make you look curvy


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