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Story from a Skinny Mini alum!

Do you also want to share your personal story? Email me (contactextrasmall at gmail dot com) or leave a comment. I get sent stories like this on a regular basis, read all of them here. School: Picked on or envied, I couldn’t really tell “I’m 35 and tall, 5’10″ and had always been naturally skinny [...]

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Confessions of a Toothpick Girl

[By Guest Blogger Katrina. I hope that many of you will find this post hopeful and encouraging! Please feel free to ask me any questions concerning this post or my story.] Being obsessed with looks: big vs thin Women in privileged cultures have the luxury of being obsessed with how we look. Every time I’m [...]

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Why are thin people not fat: Part 1

I bumped across a very interesting video series on YouTube the other day, called: “Why are thin people not fat.” “It’s a BBC Horizon documentary that researched the ‘reason’ behind some people being naturally thin. I’m going to document every video (there are 7) after I’ve watched it! This is part 1. Naturally thin? Go [...]

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