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Ways To Gain Weight For The Non-Gainer!

 by Juliette Lisa – So your extended family are round for dinner and they gasp in horror at the amount you eat (loads) , which doesn’t stack up with the amount you weigh(little!)Let’s face it – we’re hated, slated and ….not really celebrated! So who’s for gaining weight in this scenario? WE ARE! It’s not easy [...]

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Viola’s Story: Skinny When She Doesn’t Want To Be.

Do you also want to share your personal story? Email me (contactextrasmall at gmail dot com) or leave a comment. I get sent stories like this on a regular basis, read all of them here. By 20-year old Viola. When I found your website ExtraSmallMe, I was crying of joy. I think that one of [...]

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Heidi Klum: Naturally Skinny People “Born That Way!”

Hi guys! I just spent my Saturday afternoon putting together a shareable image quote by Heidi Klum. “Some people are born skinny, and that’s just the way it is. You can’t point a finger at them and say they’re ill or anorexic. It isn’t fair to people born that way.” Thank you Heidi, for standing [...]

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