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Dear Cherie (and every small breasted woman out there)


This is a response to a comment by a woman named 'Cherie' who questioned whether men would ever like her small breasts, which she calls her "ever-hated source of shame, the reason I feel like a subwoman, which questions my very point of existence."

I know a lot of phrases such as ‘real women have curves’ are thrown around these days — but even without the so-called ‘curves,’ you ARE a real woman. You should never feel like less of a woman because some showergel brand decided that was going to be their cool new slogan.

Your breasts are not ‘physical defects’ or ‘mistakes’ by mother nature. And it’s a shame you’re comparing your perfect breasts to wonky teeth.
You're not broken. You're not ugly. You don't have to hide anything. And you have nothing to be ashamed of.

You should stop listening to that little voice in your head who tells you that you’re not enough.

Stop watching the stupid Victoria’s Secret commercials, stop reading the so-called ‘beauty’ magazines, and just look at yourself.
Take off your clothes, stand in front of a mirror, and just look at yourself — your body, your real you.

You are the only person you’ll ever truly have.
Your body is the most beautiful instrument you will ever own.
Every part of it, every function, ever flaw – it’s YOU.

I KNOW for a fact, that if YOU’d see how beautiful you really are, you will allow others to do the same.
Because right now – you are blocking others from loving you.
If you don’t love who you are – how are you expecting others to do so?



Why Are Thin People Not Fat: Part 7!


I'm documenting my thoughts on the BBC documentary "Why are thin people not fat." Here's the final part!

Your Body Biology Determines How Skinny Or Fat You Will Be

This final installment was very interesting. Basically, research suggest that everybody has a different 'normal' body weight. For some folks, it's 150 pounds, for other people it's 100 pounds.

Now that the overeating experiment has ended, will it be easy for the people who took part in the experiment to lose the weight again?
Most volunteers did lose the weight again, with ease, in just a few weeks. And that supports the theory that our body's biology determines how skinny or fat we will be.

But that, of course, is not to say that we can't influence our 'normal' body weight at all. There's definitely ways to lose weight and gain weight - even if it's hard!


Why are Thin People Not Fat: Part 6!


I'm documenting every part of the BBC Documentary 'Why are Thin People Not Fat' while I watch it. Don't forget to watch part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4!

Apparently, it's much easier to gain extra 'fat cells' when you're young, and so if youre chubby when you're young, it's likely to affect you during the rest of your life. The more fat cells you have, the more likely you are to put on weight fast. Overweight children are likely to become overweight adults.

The naturally thin volunteers were all skinny during childhood. Makes sense, I was too...skin and bones ;)
After 4 weeks of over-feeding, none of the volunteers have become overweight -- but some definitely gained a lot of weight!

The final results were super interesting (and funny, with how they were announced).
The findings absolutely confirmed that some people gain weight more easily than others.
And how about the guy who gained muscle instead of fat? That's very nice, isn't it!! I didn't even know that was possible.

The fact that two people failed to over-eat is also fascinating. Apparently, for some people, it's just not in their nature to consume too many calories!

Watch part 6 here:

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