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Small boobs? 5 Signs That Your Bra is Too Big! (Video)


Do you ever try on bras at a store and you can't find a single one that fits well?
Ever afraid people can peek in your top and look straight down because your bra isn't snug enough?

Story of my life.

The problem with most small push-up bras

Most 'magic' push-up bras have huge thick pillowy cups that make your breasts seem very unnatural (uuhh maybe because they are).
And if you're anything like me - even if all the stars align and you do somehow happen to find the right cup size, you can still practically fit a teddybear between the cups and your boobs.
Most push-up bras are just too big, bulky, and not made for small breasts on a thin frame.

Small boobs? No problem!

My sister Joseffa and I sat down for another video about this very topic. We actually recorded two videos, and I'll share the short version with you first.

Good Bras voor AAA, AA, A cups: LuLaLu

LuLaLu is an online bra shop that specializes in small (AAA, AA, A cups) bras. They gave us several bras to try. We share our favorite bras in the videos!

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