Great Swimsuits and Bikinis for Small Breasts & Thin Women


Bikini season is peeking around the corner. Does that get you scared or excited? Well, you should be excited: I believe every woman has the right to feel beautiful in a swimsuit! No need to cover up your body, no matter how skinny your legs are or how tiny your breasts may be!

Certain swimsuits and bikinis can actually really flatter your thin figure. I put together a picture gallery of some great bikinis and swimsuits for small breasts and thin figures - different prices, different brands, and different kinds. And don't forget: the most sexy accessory any woman can wear: confidence!

Picture Gallery: XS Swimsuits and Bikinis

Gap Monokini

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This monokini by GAP gives thin women a curvier look. Small breasts look bigger, narrow hips look wider, and this suit will flatter your thin waist.

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