Small Breasts vs Small Dicks: Funny Comparison!


Just came across a video that made me laugh. Out loud.  Jovan14606 on YouTube shares his personal revelation on why women with small breasts can be insecure. In the video, he talks about how it's very accepted for men to judge women's bodies, but what if that was turned around?
He says, what if it was normal for guys to have "camel humps just sticking out of your crotch" - what if women could openly see and judge a guy's penis' size?
"I can't imagine how I would feel if my junk, my package, was always judged and made fun of because of its size. I know a lot of men would kill themselves if women would judge their size."

Heyyy you have a small penis!

And I think he has a point!

camel hump small penis

Camel hump??!

"Say, I'm in a room next to a guy with a HUGE camel hump. And I have my camel hump - and it looks crazy small compared to his. And say a group of hot chicks just walks by. They're going to be looking at him, because he has a HUGE camel hump. And me? I'm going to be feeling like crap.That's what girls go through every freakin' day with their breasts!"
He completely understands why small breasted girls pad their bras and try to make their boobs look bigger. "And it sucks too, because I know girls who get made fun of because of their boobs. You know, they get called mosquito bite boobs, little pebbles, little grapes - all these things. And I'm like..yo, that hurts! Because imagine if that happened to us guys. Chicks are looking at our camelhumps like...ha, he's got a small dick, that twig, look at that little Vienna sausage."

Small boobs are AWESOME!

And he continues telling girls with small breasts: "there are plenty of guys who like small boobs." He continues saying if he was a girl, he would want to have small boobs. "One, I get to wear cuter tops or whatever, more of my clothes would fit, more bras would fit, I won't have back pain, my titties won't sag later in life, I can jog without them going pum pum pum pum, and I can lay down without that junk going under my freakin' arm pits."

I personally had never made the comparison between small boobs and small penises - but oh well, Jovan has a point! His video is pretty long, but it gets better and better:

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  1. Posted February 25, 2012 at 9:14 pm | Permalink

    What’s funny about this is that in my personal experience, guys are more concerned with the size of their penises than women are. I’ve had guys that seemed adequately sized and gave me lots of pleasure who were somehow convinced that their penis was still too small. And the women I know, for the most part, are happy with any sized as long as he knows how to use it.

    He does have a point though, about being judged because people can outright see the size of our breasts. And I do believe that guys would have a very hard time dealing with that.

    No matter what though, the size of a woman’s breasts – or the size of a man’s penis – doesn’t tell anyone anything about the person inside. It’s one’s character, morals, values and personality that make him/her attractive. People just need to get over their superficiality and they’ll find that they are much happier by doing so.

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