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Are your small breasts looking for a small bra?

 By Pelpina Trip. “That moment when the Victoria’s Secret 34A push-up bra’s cup is bigger than my actual boob” – a great comment on my video about the search for bras for small breasts. If you have small boobs, and a hard time finding a bra that fits well and also looks elegantly – you’re [...]

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Eat what makes you feel good, forget the rest!

I just came across a very great blog post on Aphrodite – that talks about the fact that human beings judge each other on appearance (what else is new?!) and therefore: on what we eat. It doesn’t matter whether you’re skinny, flat, fat, round, square: people will put a stamp on you. When you’re grocery [...]

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Small boobs? 5 Signs That Your Bra is Too Big! (Video)

Do you ever try on bras at a store and you can’t find a single one that fits well? Ever afraid people can peek in your top and look straight down because your bra isn’t snug enough? Story of my life. The problem with most small push-up bras Most ‘magic’ push-up bras have huge thick [...]

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