If you wonder whether you’re the only naturally thin person in this world: wonder no more! This is a community of naturally skinny people.

You can find all sorts of interesting personal life stories here. Men and women, boys and girls, young and old share how they are dealing with being naturally thin. This section grew after I posted my own story on the original XS blog,
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Viola’s Story: Skinny When She Doesn’t Want To Be.


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By 20-year old Viola.

When I found your website ExtraSmallMe, I was crying of joy. I think that one of the most amazing things of the Internet is its power to connect similar people. One of the greatest problems of skinny people is indeed that in a world obsessed by diets and low-weight, it is really hard to explain that also being extra-small can be difficult. People just can't understand, even if they are good friends and nice people, they are always skeptical when you say "I eat a lot but I can't gain weight".

It is such a relief to see that I'm not alone

So your website is a precious resource and a wonderful place to share experiences, stories, tips and tricks among people who share the same problem. It is such a relief for me, and I think for all your readers, to see that I am not alone and that there is a way to feel more comfortable with my body and weight.
I liked your website so much that I would like to share my story with you and all the other readers, if you would like to publish it on the blog. This is something very meaningful for me: in all my life I think I shared this kind of thoughts with maybe two or three people, and it was always a great demonstration of trust. My story is just difficult to understand and accept, but I believe that the ExtraSmallMe community is the right reader for it.

Suffering from anorexia

Probably my situation is a little bit different from yours. While most of you fought against the stereotype "skinny=anorexic", I actually suffered of anorexia, and admitting it now is still painful and difficult. Now I am 20. When I was around 14, I weighed around 50 kilo. I was training as a ballerina, and so I was in an environment where skinny physical appearence was really important. I can't say at all that I became anorexic because of ballet. Anyway, more or less at that time I started to have problems with the food. When I was 16, I weighed less than 40 kg. I was suffering more psychologically than physically, still I was quite a serious case.

I started hating myself for being unable to gain weight

I don't know when I went out of anorexia, it was a very long process. In any case, in the last two years I went through several diets to gain weight, and they were absolutely stressful and ineffective. It was so frustrating to see that even if I wanted to gain weight and I did everything the doctors told me, my body just remained the same. I started hating myself for being unable to gain weight.

Whatever I do, my weight will always remain 40 kilos

Now everything changed again. I live by myself and I cook by myself. I came to the conclusion that whatever I do -  my weight will always remain 40 kg. I have perfect blood analysis, I am fit and I work out regularly. I feel well. I am no more on a diet, I eat wherever I like whenever I like, including tons of chocolates and nuts. I finally feel free from every type of food restriction or rule (to gain or lose weight).

The hardest thing is that I feel I can't be attractive for boys

When I was 14 ,I hated my "normal" body appearance. Now, I don't like my skinny appearance at all. I am 160cm tall, I am proportionate but absolutely "petite". It is practically impossible to find jeans that fit me and sometimes also the smallest leggings are too big for me. The hardest thing is that I feel I can't be attractive for boys. I have a very small breasts (still existing), zero bottom and no curves at all. I can't say I look like a boy, I look like a small girl. This is something quite hard to deal with.

"I am sure people can see the beauty in me even if I don't have big boobs"

Still, I think I have to accept my body and start liking myself for what I am. I am sure people can see the beauty in me even if I don't have big boobs. I hope one day I will finally feel comfortable with my appearance, and it will be also thanks to ExtraSmallMe and to meeting other people in my same situation.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for this incredible website. Thank you for saying that we are beautiful.
All the best,


Story from a Skinny Mini alum!


Do you also want to share your personal story? Email me (contactextrasmall at gmail dot com) or leave a comment. I get sent stories like this on a regular basis, read all of them here.

School: Picked on or envied, I couldn't really tell

"I’m 35 and tall, 5’10″ and had always been naturally skinny too. I was picked on in Jr. high – or envied, I couldn’t really tell – for being sooo skinny. I heard the same things – “don’t you eat??” I hated it. But as I grew up I grew more confident and into my 20s I loved my body and felt blessed to be thin and sexy! I was a constant healthy 135 lbs (145 is average for my height) until a couple years ago.

I continued to believe into my 30s – as recent as a couple years ago – that I could eat whatever I wanted and never gain weight like other people did…Everyone around me was counting calories while I never bothered. Calories? What calories??

Tweens: More skinny than ever before from nursing

At 29 I was more skinny than ever before, I believe from nursing my baby for three years (which was a joyful time) and not really replacing all those calories for my fast metabolism. I weighed just 120 lbs, really underweight for my height. I didn’t like it, so I decided I really wanted to gain weight because I was tired of being too skinny and bony. I wanted some meat on my bones! I wanted a rounder curvier body. I got my body fat (BMI) measurement taken when I joined a gym, and it was too low at 17%. I didn’t use the gym to work out. Instead, I just ate ice cream! The yummiest highest fat Breyers brand. Mostly I joked about it, that this was my way to get some curves…

Thirties: gaining weight

Well since then for the last six years I’ve worked long days at computers as a graphic designer, which makes me tired, and because of that I don’t feel like exercising. I don’t get good regular sleep (I’m a night owl) which of course makes me tired. Add all that together plus aging beyond 30 and finally…cRaZy hormones! All out of whack.

So inevitably, BAM! Over this past fall and winter, the weight arrived! Since last summer I have gained 15 lbs! Crazy! I am now 160 lbs, the most I’ve ever weighed in my life! So now I have too much weight (my butt, tummy and thighs), and want to work it off! Oh no! I finally have the curves I wanted and it’s okay… it’s different. But my pants have been shrinking steadily and I totally have a belly roll when I sit and love handles to burn and I want to get my toned arms and butt back!

In other words, if I don’t start working out and sleeping better NOW, I’ll only keep gaining weight, and with weight comes health issues, mainly heart disease and diabetes! Yikes! I’ve never had to be concerned about what I eat before, so this is all new to me. And cellulite – I never had it until I turned 30! THE CELLULITE WILL COME. Beware of turning 30. Believe me, girls.

I should have listened to my mother

So…if by 27-30 years old you notice you’re getting a cute little extra roll of belly fat that you like to squeeze and giggle at, beware, and DO exercise regularly, because it will grow and grow and grow! My mom said to me at 31, “You’d better be careful – you won’t like that so much in a few more years!” I just laughed and shrugged my shoulders. I really thought I’d never gain weight – whilst enjoying big sweet scoops of my fave ice cream. I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO MY MOTHER!

So as an alum of the School of Skinny Mini – If you want to stay slim and flab free, take good care of yourself.

Get regular exercise! Eat healthy (healthy fats and other fats included, in moderation). Get a good night’s sleep regularly (as I type this after midnight…sigh…). No junk food after 25 y.o. (Ha! As if!) All the rules I let go of long ago because I thought I’d stay skinny (and 20) forever. Here’s to better habits and getting my abs back!"
Posted by Kristen.

Do you also want to share your personal story? Email me (contactextrasmall at gmail dot com) or leave a comment. I get sent stories like this on a regular basis, read all of them here.


Peanutbutterlover’s story

I’m SO happy that i started my blog here cause when i started browsing i found this site and i’m in love with it. so firstly – THANKS FOR CREATYING IT :D:D
Ok, well as you all might’ve guessed – I’m in the same boat as you guys : check this page on my blog btw to see my comments on being skinny
Anyway, I don’t use the scales mcuh at all – it’s out of battieries anyway – but the last time i stepped on it i was 47kg (about 103 pounds?) and i’m 166cmc (about 5′5). I live in australia so yea, we use the metric system
I’ve felt the pressure for a long time (before) of having to gain weight and eat more (i already have a quite generous appetite already!) , and I was already eating quite high calorie/unhealthy food. im still eating like that but DEF not for the purpose to gain weight anymore – I eat it cause i like it (hence my username and blog!!)
I’ve gone through periods of anxiety before at school when the kids always stared and picked on me for being skinny -esp the girls. words cant describe how bad it felt when people start staring at you and throw comments.. I PERSONALLY don’t think i look anorexic at all. i’m just skinny/slim. (a picture of me is on the link at the top to one of my pages)
I’ve met more skinny people like myself at uni and it feels great to give each others support and share our experiences I feel so much better now (EVEN BETTER after finding this blog!!) and i’m happy with the way my body is
I love getting to know new people so feel free to send me a message or post in my blog if you wany

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