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Finally, a store made JUST for the naturally thin!


Alina_Fuentes_ExtrasmallMeBy Ally Fuentes.

Growing up in a naturally thin frame really isn’t easy. It wasn’t for me. It’s hard to feel comfortable in your own skin when you’re constantly being called names such as “toothpick” or “anorexic-looking”. I remember entering high school and seeing all of my friends wearing the latest trends and feeling bad about myself, because I knew I was too small to pull any of it off. I remember going into stores for juniors and feeling helpless because even the x-smalls were STILL too big, and I couldn’t fill anything out. Does any of this sound familiar?

At some point in time I began to think, why isn’t there a store for us? Why are there plus-sized stores everywhere and plus-sized sections in almost every department store but nothing for the naturally thin? And that’s when I realized something: There are stores for almost EVERY type of figure except for the naturally thin! There are stores for petite women, stores for tall women, stores for plus-sized women, etc. but there has yet to be a store made JUST for the naturally thin!

Introducing: Thinbelle.

And then finally, there’s Thinbelle. Thinbelle is a store created JUST for the naturally thin. With no intentions of expanding sizes anytime soon, Thinbelle only offers XXS, XS, and S. This store was created for women like me who can’t find anything in their sizes, and want to feel comfortable in their skin! Society forgets that although being full figured can be a touchy subject, being skinny can be a touchy subject too! There are so many plus size stores, and so much support for plus sized women but no support for the naturally thin who may get taunted with words from time to time, or who are hurt by society for being "too skinny" or "anorexic looking". I wanted to shop at a store for the naturally thin, like me. A store where you don't have to worry about small's fitting like a medium, or a store where there are never extra smalls!

What is a Thinbelle and where did the name come from?

A Thinbelle is a beautiful, naturally thin woman. Us naturally thin women know what it’s like to have to deal with the name-calling and harsh comments made about our thin frames, and it’s about time that it stops. Thinbelle was created for YOU to feel special, and beautiful in your own skin without wanting to force any weight on yourself. We are thinbelle’s, not toothpicks.

Visit and Support Thinbelle!

Take a look at the store, and feel BEAUTIFUL and grateful in your own skin, because there is finally a store for us. You can also use the discount code THINBELLE1 for 10% off your order, and if you subscribe you can also receive a free gift with your first order.

Ally Fuentes is the founder of Thinbelle.


10 tips: what to wear when you’re skinny!


Juliette LisaBy Juliette Lisa.  Personally speaking, I’ve always found it extremely difficult to shop for clothes. It’s my worst
nightmare, especially If I am out with friends. I dread trying anything on and having to show them
afterwards, because what suits their curvaceous bodies simply does not suit me, and that’s hard for
them to register in their brains (in the least insulting way possible), as you cannot begin to understand
people’s situations unless you have been through it yourself. I get so emotional when clothes that
are plastered all along the shop window displays simply do not suit me…whatever is ‘on trend’ I can
never seem to wear because they were designed for the more curvier woman figure, not for the
clothes rail like myself.

We live in such a contradictory society that it’s hard for any woman to know what to buy, given that
catwalks outwardly promote clothes for skinnies, and high streets simply cater for your average
sized boobs and bum woman. I mean, have you seen all of those tight-fitting body-con dresses or
bra-let tops, amongst other figure-hugging designs? It’s all about promoting and celebrating curves!
Where does this leave us skinnies?

Being a 20 year old, I just long to wear what those around me do, it almost hurts….but I’ve learned
to refrain from this desire, and come to accept what DOES suit me, as there is nothing worse than
whining over something that is so far out of reach(unless a miracle happens)! So girls out there,
don’t beat yourself up about this issue…find what suits you and stick to the same/similar format to
avoid feeling the anxiety of something unflattering on you.

1. Clothes from the past

E-bay has become my best friend in recent times, as I have discovered clothes from other eras suit
me better than trends of today, even though today’s trends ARE in fact recycled versions of past
eras!(IRONIC but true).
Ebay is a great source when you're trying to find well-fitting petite clothing, second-hand or new,
from around the world (more here).

2. Tops: Light, airy and floaty


Batwing Style cape/cardigan.

I stay away from tight fitting clothes because I do not want insults of ‘your
ribcage is on show!’ or something along those lines, what I tend to do is go for light, airy, floaty,
batwing styles for the top half of my body. The 90’s and 80’s are amazing for this look – think
oversized sweaters with lovely embellishments and hand stitching, very vintage and boho! I know
this look won’t suit everyone, but the style and shape is very flattering for skinnies like me! It hides a
multitude of sins...so I guess it’s flattering for all body types!


3. Embellishments can do wonders

clothes2 copy

Embellishment around bust area

I also find that any kind of embellishment which draws attention to other areas of my body, does
wonders. For example ruffles can hide the fact we have little to no bust, or opting for baby-doll
or tunic-style tops or dresses can have a profound effect of accentuating what we do have, thus
creating the illusion that less is…umm..more!!

In the picture, I wear a cute pink top with embellishment at the bust area, paired with a loose shirt.


4. High waisted skirts


High waisted denim shorts

For my bottom half, I’ve found high waisted skirts, trousers, and shorts, also do a fine job in creating
the illusion of curves!

Even though my thighs don’t touch and my calves lack any sort of fat, high
waisted things emphasise the upper part of my thighs thus detracting away from my calves.

High waisted stuff also gives me the illusion of having a shape, (i.e.: HIPS instead of hip bones!!)

 Just take a look at this picture, in which I wear high waisted denim shorts with a cute belt (more on belts here). It draws the eye to the upper part of my thighs and hips. And that means: less attention to my calves :)
Also notice I wear light denim, and loose fitting shirts on top.

You can create a very similar look with high waisted skirts or trousers.



5. Boots & colorful leggings/jeans


Boots paired with jeans and floaty top

I pair this look with some boots, it again hides the skinny calves thus focusing more on the thighs!

I never ever go bare legged though, I team it all with light coloured leggings or tights.

In this example, I opted for light jeans, and grey boots.
Notice that the boots add some bulk: they 're not skinny, tight fitting boots. These have fur and bangles that add more visual bulk. Try to find clothing and shoes with added embellishments so you add visual curves.

Keep in mind that lighter colors will flatter thin bodies more - as dark colours make you look even thinner!!
Here are tips on finding great jeans for small bottoms.


6. Maxi skirts or capri-style shorts

But what if I don’t feel comfortable wearing shorts or mini-skirts? Well, I know not everyone feels
comfortable in showing off their thin frames, and come summer it can be difficult to mooch around
in jogging bottoms or oversized hoodies. Sometimes instead of short skirts or shorts, go for long,
flowing maxi skirts or dresses, and capri-style shorts instead? It all depends upon what you feel
comfortable in. I guarantee you that it’s far better to stay cool then it is to hide your frame under
layers of hot fabrics.

7. Stay away from shoulder pads

Some other handy tips I have found in my journey of skinny acceptance is that if you want to wear
a blazer or a jacket, steer away from shoulder pads! They will not do you any favours particularly if
you have a straight boyish figure as what this does is simply make you look even thinner. You’d want
to find water-fall styles, and go for materials that feel quite thin to the touch. The structured look
is quite hard to pull off so again, avoid the boxy, shoulder-pad styles and think more flowing, silky
styles and shapes!
If you're interested in dresses, here's a blog post on summer dresses that make you look curvier.

8. Layer up

At my lowest point, (when the bullying of being skinny) got quite hard for me to handle, I used to
layer my clothes up quite a bit…for example, putting 2 pairs of leggings underneath trousers to bulk
my legs out a bit, or wearing 2 bras at once, you know…I’m sure a lot of girls have put themselves
through uncomfortable processes in order to make themselves appear a bit larger. I know how much
it hurts to let go of these defence mechanisms….but trust me, you will one day!
It's much better to find a comfortable, well-fitting bra (here are a dozen designed specifically for small breasts)
and layer up comfortably. Accentuate what you have, and feel good in what you wear :)

9. Play around with styles

It’s all really about knowing your shapes, colours and materials. I know shirts buttoned up DO NOT

flatter me in any way whatsoever, but if they are unbuttoned and treated as a jacket, they look
great! Play around with styles, take photos of yourself and compare them.

Also, keep in mind that sizes are different in every store. In some stores, size 0 is comparable
to a size 4 in other stores. Here's a good overview.

10. Be comfortable in what you wear!

At the end of the day though, it’s all about your perception….. how you feel in something, how
you feel others see you in something, you really need to feel comfortable in whatever you wear.
It doesn’t matter how many times someone says, ‘you look great in that’, if you don’t believe it
yourself, you won’t wear it…and it’ll sit at the back of your wardrobe or you won’t buy it and then
you’ll have missed your chance. Sometimes you should believe other people….and trust them. I’ve
done this and have then grown to like a particular item based on other’s beliefs…..and now they
become my staple pieces!! I guess, it’s a journey for everyone…becoming comfortable with their
looks and styles, and it’s hard being skinny and not being able to find the right sizes, as it leaves
us restricted. But always know, there is HOPE for you and your style will always be developing,
whatever your size!!

Please note: this is all based on personal experience, you may find some of these looks I have not
recommended actually suit you, perhaps you exude the confidence to wear even a bin liner, GO YOU!
Or you have such a beautiful face; it makes no difference what you wear! I guess this article is
written purely with the intention of making underweight or boyish figures feel more ‘womanly’, i.e.:
illusions of curves, so please, feel free to argue with me about any contradictions you find !

light  254665_10150416467909097_5897693_n waterfall copy

Light coloured floaty top and jacket, light jeans and floaty tshirt, waterfall-style jacket (l-r)


Summer Dresses That Make You Look Curvy! 3 Tips. (Fashion Friday)


So, summer is arriving, and that means: time for summer dresses!
My newest online clothing obsession is Mode-5.com: an online boutique that sells Japanese/Korean style clothing (read: small AND cute!), starting at size 00. And to make things even better: I got all you guys a special discount code!
If you buy any clothing on Mode5, just use the code 'ExtraSmall' for 20% off.

Just like bigger women sometimes like to make themselves feel smaller, thin women sometimes like to make themselves seem a bit fuller - so here are some summer dresses for skinny women - that will add some visual 'va-va-voom' where you might need it, and most importantly: will make you feel beautiful. Here's to a feel-pretty summer!

Tip 1. Ruffles: Cute & Curvy!

Boulin Dress Mode 5 ExtraSmall.me Discount

Boulin Dress

Look for ruffles and extra layers in the right spots: at the hips, butt, and breasts. Ruffles tend to add visual curves.
I always look for tops and dresses with ruffles, and I know they can be hard to find.
This cute summer dress 'Boulin' from Mode-5.com is a perfect example though. Plus, the short length of this breezy summer dress is great for short/thin legs as well.

Tip 2. Stripes make breasts/butt/hips appear larger

Selina Dress Mode-5 Extrasmall.me discount

Selina Dress

Also look for dresses with horizontal stripes. The stripes make eyes go from left to right and back, and therefore make you appear 'fuller.'
Look for dresses like this stripy dress - perfect for if you have small breasts, or if you're lacking some junk in your trunk! ;) Just kidding, of course. I just want you to feel beautiful - and dresses like this one are great for a summer evening out.
Ahh...martini anyone?

Tip 3. Skinny? Wear patterns!

Sticker Dress Mode-5 Extrasmall.me Discount

Sticker Dress

If you're thin, the best way to add some visual curves is by wearing patterns.
Whether the pattern is delicately cute, flowery, or big and bold: all types of patterns will add some visual bulk.
The pictured Sticker dress is a good example of a nice colorful pattern. I'd like it even more if it had some ruffles! Always choose patterns or horizontal stripes over mono-colored clothes - it makes shopping for summer dresses fun!

There you go: 3 tips for great summer dresses that'll make you feel beautiful, and ready to soak up the sun!

I personally can't wait to start wearing T-shirts, dresses, and get a nice flip-flop tan. :)
Hope you're all enjoying your Friday ladies, and here's to a great summer!


PS Thanks for my friends at Mode-5.com for giving my readers 20% off!

Mode 5 ExtraSmall.Me Discount

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