Are your small breasts looking for a small bra?


pelpina_trip_extrasmall By Pelpina Trip. "That moment when the Victoria's Secret 34A push-up bra's cup is bigger than my actual boob" - a great comment on my video about the search for bras for small breasts. If you have small boobs, and a hard time finding a bra that fits well and also looks elegantly - you're not alone! Either you can't find a bra that actually fits, or the one and only bra you kind of fit is one big pillow.
Here's another great comment I don't want you to miss:
"That frustrating/funny moment when you go shopping for a bra in a store and the only way you can get your AA boobs to fit into anything is an A push up. And they are not being pushed up, just sitting there in these pillows twice their size."

Bras that are actually made for small breasts

Yep, been there, done that. My friend Ellen had the same problem, but she took that and turned it into something wonderful: a bra line/store especially for women with small breasts. Find some pictures of LuLaLu (her store) and those bras here. Ellen recently created a wonderful video, and I just had to share it with you guys!


Small boobs? 5 Signs That Your Bra is Too Big! (Video)


Do you ever try on bras at a store and you can't find a single one that fits well?
Ever afraid people can peek in your top and look straight down because your bra isn't snug enough?

Story of my life.

The problem with most small push-up bras

Most 'magic' push-up bras have huge thick pillowy cups that make your breasts seem very unnatural (uuhh maybe because they are).
And if you're anything like me - even if all the stars align and you do somehow happen to find the right cup size, you can still practically fit a teddybear between the cups and your boobs.
Most push-up bras are just too big, bulky, and not made for small breasts on a thin frame.

Small boobs? No problem!

My sister Joseffa and I sat down for another video about this very topic. We actually recorded two videos, and I'll share the short version with you first.

Good Bras voor AAA, AA, A cups: LuLaLu

LuLaLu is an online bra shop that specializes in small (AAA, AA, A cups) bras. They gave us several bras to try. We share our favorite bras in the videos!


Voda Swim Bikini – Designed for Small Breasts: Review!


Voda Swim bikini before and after reviewFinding well-fitting and good looking bikinis when you have small breasts can be a challenge. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to try on bikini top after bikini top, just to find that they're too big or make my breasts look like tiny peas!!

Voda Swim Bikini: designed for small breasts

In the years that I've had this blog, I've heard a LOT of good things about the Voda Swim bikinis. They're designed by Russian model Yulia Drummond who was tired of not finding well fitting and good-looking bikini's for small breasts. I had the pleasure to interview Yulia, and I was super excited when Voda Swim sent me a bikini to review!

I picked the Morocco Envy Push Up Hoop String Bikini, both the top and bottom in size XS. When my mailman delivered the Voda Swim package, I got a little nervous. After all, trying on bikini's hasn't been my favorite thing to do. And what if it didn't fit? The smallest size bikini, especially made for small breasts? Ugh.
Well, I tried it on, and to my surprise - both the XS bikini top and XS bottom fit like a GLOVE. I can't tell you how excited I was!
It's like this bikini was made for my body!

Voda Swim Bikini XS Top Review

vodaswim bikini review before after xs

The moment I put on the top, I could tell it was very high quality. I was expecting the cups to be very thick, but they're not. They're nothing compared to stuffy Victoria's Secret push up bras. They're very light, and they look like a regular triangle bikini. But they are completely different from what I'm used to - there are no removable liners (that always come out frumpy if you forget to take them out before you wash them). Instead, the cups are completely  seamless, made of a soft but firm material that fits amazingly well. I ordered the XS top, and I normally wear 32A in bra size. It must be the Voda Swim secret or something, but it works amazing. The bikini top covers everything great, gives you a nice lift (is that cleavage?!), and there are no peek-ins when you bend over.
The straps on the back are amazing quality. Normally, I have to ask someone else to tie the straps, and I just have to cross my fingers they won't come off. Since I was by myself, I did it myself, and I could tell that it wouldn't come off. The straps on this bikini are about 1cm wide, they're stitched twice, and the moment I tied them together, they sat very secure on my back. Bonus: they come with 14K gold endings, very cute!

Voda Swim Bikini XS Bottom Review

I picked the XS 'classic cut' for the bottom (other options were low coverage and Brazilian cut, just figured I'd stay safe here). I normally wear a size 0, and always shop in the juniors section - and this bottom fit GREAT. The bottom is very similar to other bikinis I have. Two strings on both sides (both with 14K gold endings as well), that you tie around your waist. The bottom is comfortable and fits securely. It covers everything well, and it looks super cute!

Voda Swim Bikini Before and After

Here's a before and after shot - me in a regular bikini, compared to the Voda Swim bikini. It was super hard finding a picture of me in a regular bikini, that's how uncomfortable I usually am with people taking pictures of me in my swimwear. But I'm doing this all for a good cause right... helping all us small-breasted women be confident! I think I can see a bit confidence peek through in the picture on the right...

Voda Swim Bikini: ExtraSmall 10% Discount!

My friends at Voda Swim also want to give all you readers a discount on swimwear! Just use the code 'ExtraSmall' to get 10% off all bikini's, tankini's and swimsuits at


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