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What it’s REALLY like to be naturally thin: interview


I recently read a great HubPages article 'Naturally Thin: Skinny, Not Anorexic' by 26-year old Melanie Shebel, a computer science student from New Buffalo, Michigan. I contacted Melanie after reading her impressive in-depth post, and asked her for a chat on ExtraSmall.Me! :) It's so awesome to get in touch with other women who are in the same boat. We should all be super proud of ourselves, or like Melanie says: "No matter what, you'll never look perfect to other people, you just have to be happy with yourself. "

Melanie Shebel talks about being naturally thin

Melanie Shebel talks about being naturally thin

When did you figure out you were 'different' from other people?

I was completely oblivious to the fact that I was thinner than other girls until around 4th or 5th grade. I was playing on the playground after school and some much older girls (junior high) were picking on me. One asked me how much I weighed and I answered. The girl responded in disbelief with something like, "You can't weigh that. If you weighed that, you'd be dead. That's how much my brother weighs and he's in kindergarten." It wasn't until then that I'd had any knowledge that I'm "skinny." To this day, I'll look in the mirror and think I look pretty normal.

What are the advantages of being naturally thin? And what are the biggest disadvantages?

I don't have to worry about dieting, I can imagine that having to deal with being over-weight would be really rough. I LOVE food and I literally can eat whatever I want without putting on the pounds. I still have to worry about things like cholesterol, though. The biggest disadvantages, by far, are other people's perspective of me. I don't know how many times I've been called anorexic. I can't even deny it as denying anorexia is apparently a symptom of it. I also get a lot of nasty comments from larger women. Many assume I'm judging them because they are overweight, but they are, in turn, judging me because I'm thin.

How has your handling of criticism changed over the years?

As a child and a teenager I would be deeply hurt by some of the nasty comments I'd get. Now I just let people think what they want, if I don't meet their approval based on how I look, then they don't meet my approval. Sometimes, of course, if someone's snarky about my weight, I can get snarky right back with something like, "Yeah, I'm working on that. Your thighs are kind of chunky, that's something you could work on." I try to be nice, but sometimes I just don't feel it's fair that I have to take it because I'm skinny and "thin" isn't considered a sensitive issue.

What would you tell young naturally thin girls struggling with their self esteem?

It's easy to find something wrong with how you look and how other people look. No matter what, you'll never look perfect to other people, you just have to be happy with yourself. The only time people say mean things about how others look is when they are feeling bad about themselves. Spend your time doing things you enjoy instead of finding imperfections. I could seriously stand in the mirror and spout off a list of things that would, ideally, be different about how I look... but doing things I enjoy, things that make me feel good is a better use of my time.

Read more articles by Melanie here. And follow Melanie on Twitter here.


Interview with model Yulia Drummond of Voda Swim!

Yulia Drummond of Voda Swim

Yulia Drummond of Voda Swim

I had the opportunity to interview Russian model Yulia Drummond, who designed her own swimwear line: 'Voda Swim' after she had problems finding well-fitting and flattering swimsuits for small breasts. How awesome!
I personally haven't tried a Voda Swim bikini, but I did have the chance to ask beautiful Yulia some questions about Voda Swim! :)

- What is the secret of Voda Swim?

The secret of Voda Swim is in the patent pending technology inside the Envy Push Up ® swimsuit top.
The top visually increases the bust by 1-2 cup sizes, and provides great cleavage, lift and support.
Plus the padding retains less than a tablespoon of water which means no sagging when wet.
There is no underwire which means it is comfortable to wear and be active in.
But the real secret is that it looks just like a regular bikini when you are wearing it!

- What reactions/letters/emails have you received from girls and women who bought your bikinis?

We receive hundreds of testimonials from women about how much they love the Envy Push Up ® swimsuit and how much it has changed their lives.
It is definitely a life changing event for a lot of women…including me!
It feels great when you can finally wear a gorgeous bikini on the beach and feel good about yourself and your body.

- What would you tell a young girl who's insecure because of her small breasts?

In the end it all comes down to confidence.
I felt very insecure about my bust size too, but you just have to love yourself the way you are, be happy with your body, and wear it proudly.

- Do you need cleavage to feel more confident? Or can you also just be proud of what you have?

Definitely, you should be proud of what you have, but it does helps to have very nice cleavage during certain situations.
I love having cleavage; it makes an appearance of bigger fuller bust and it makes me feel sexy.

- And finally, if you could describe Voda Swim in one word - what would it be?


Voda Swim with 'Envy Push Up'

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Bikinis and swimwear for small breasts and thin figures


Certain swimsuits and bikinis can flatter your thin figure, while others should be avoided. I put together a picture gallery of some great bikinis and swimsuits for small breasts and thin figures - different prices, different brands, and different kinds. And don't forget: the most sexy accessory any woman can wear: confidence!

Picture Gallery:

Gap Monokini

Picture 1 of 10

This monokini by GAP gives thin women a curvier look. Small breasts look bigger, narrow hips look wider, and this suit will flatter your thin waist.

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