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Are your small breasts looking for a small bra?


pelpina_trip_extrasmall By Pelpina Trip. "That moment when the Victoria's Secret 34A push-up bra's cup is bigger than my actual boob" - a great comment on my video about the search for bras for small breasts. If you have small boobs, and a hard time finding a bra that fits well and also looks elegantly - you're not alone! Either you can't find a bra that actually fits, or the one and only bra you kind of fit is one big pillow.
Here's another great comment I don't want you to miss:
"That frustrating/funny moment when you go shopping for a bra in a store and the only way you can get your AA boobs to fit into anything is an A push up. And they are not being pushed up, just sitting there in these pillows twice their size."

Bras that are actually made for small breasts

Yep, been there, done that. My friend Ellen had the same problem, but she took that and turned it into something wonderful: a bra line/store especially for women with small breasts. Find some pictures of LuLaLu (her store) and those bras here. Ellen recently created a wonderful video, and I just had to share it with you guys!


Ways To Gain Weight For The Non-Gainer!


By Juliette Lisa by Juliette Lisa -- So your extended family are round for dinner and they gasp in horror at the amount you eat (loads) , which doesn’t stack up with the amount you weigh(little!)Let’s face it – we’re hated, slated and ….not really celebrated! So who’s for gaining weight in this scenario? WE ARE!

It’s not easy (if it was – we’d all be our ideal weight by now). However; if you refer to the age-old ‘eat more calories than you burn’ theory, you may well find you end up gaining a pound or two every once in a while – if you are determined enough to keep going with it. There simply isn’t a ‘quick-fix’ or a miracle medicine (Unless you find protein shakes work for you). Good old hard work and sheer determination is the only way.

Some foods/recipes to gain weight in a healthy way:

-Eating Peanut butter with everything (or most things) or just out of the jar! Consider organic or natural peanut butter to avoid all the sugar and other added bad stuff.

-Nuts in general (Unless you’re allergic to them)

-Smoothies or shakes consisting of just about everything you can find that is calorie dense! (For instance – bananas, nuts, seeds, other fruits, milk,..)

-Avocados (Some people dislike the bland taste but mixed in with other stuff it’s more bearable!)

-Lentils in pasta! (This is really wholesome)

-Potatoes, Rice, (and lots of it)

-Eggs and Fish! (Particularly oily fish)

Unhealthy ways to gain weight?

I used to eat a lot of snacks which weren’t classed as healthy so I won’t advise going down this route, as they contain a ton of salt and sugar which as you know just causes health problems in the long term, even though you may gain short-term. So things like chocolate bars, cakes, other desserts, potato chips(or crisps as we like to call them in the UK), fried foods from takeaway restaurants etc. although may seem appealing and like a sure fire way to pack on the pounds; you should always remember your organs need looking after too, not just your physical appearance!

There’s plenty more foods you can eat and try to gain weight with. The main thing is to make sure you eat wholesome meals, regularly, and aim to track your calories either by good old-fashioned noting the nutritional info, or using an App such as ‘MyFitnessPal’ which I find works great in giving you a rough idea of how many calories you should be consuming for either your weight loss or weight gain goals. It does get very tedious adding each item to the list, and after a while can be quite consuming. Not every item is available on the app either, in which case you shall have to ‘estimate’- particularly with home cooking.

It might help to eat little and often as opposed to the ‘3 main’ meals a day routine – as if you’re petite and thin, chances are your stomach will also be small and so forcing down huge portions won’t really help, but eating little and often(calorific foods as above) might be more beneficial!

Good luck!!! & remember not gaining anything isn’t a sign of failure – our bodies were obviously made to be slender. Just be you :)




Who is the infamous ‘Real Woman?’


By Juliette LisaBy Juliette Lisa. 

Hi guys and gals! Just a brief post regarding the term ‘real women’!
In my personal opinion; "real" means: to exist in this universe, to be seen, heard, touched and known about – not a figment of one’s imagination.
Woman – one who is born with female genitalia, literally speaking. Figuratively, a woman can embody many different things.

It irks me to no end when arguments surrounding who a ‘real woman’ is circulate either in the media/online or in general day to day life. Surely everyone on this planet is real!! I wish this tiresome phrase/argument would die out but alas, as long as there is this constant scrutiny surrounding what women should ideally look like and this division of opinions slash the whole ‘body shaming’ movement – this ‘real woman’ malarkey will continue.

When someone says you ‘aren’t a real woman because ____’ How do you react to this? How should we, society, react to this? Should we fight back, protest, give counter arguments? Or should we all come together and say ‘we are all real women’ ‘we all deserve to be given credit for our womanity’ ect.

Many people believe a ‘real woman has to have meat on her bones/have curves’ which is quite a common argument that I often come across; however others feel that ‘real women should be slender, tall ect’.In my honest opinion, there will never be a ‘real woman’ because this ‘real woman’ is really another phrase for ‘perfect woman’ and there is no such thing as perfect at least not when everyone has different ideals and standards.

Have a good day everyone and remember if you pinch yourself & it hurts – you’re real! :)

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