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Hyorim’s Story


I’ve always been skinny all my life. I am 160 cm and 40 kg, 24 year old girl. I really don’t mind with my body frame but not with people around me. They just can’t not tease me, it becomes a habit for them. It’s not a bullying and I know that they don’t mean to hurt me but I don’t know how to tell them that I am not comfortable with their comments about me.

Skinny wrists

Once, even my grandfather held my wrist and showed it to people so they can see how skinny my wrist is.
There are some of uncles and aunties that always…always…call me names every time we meet (like toothpick, walking wire,walking skeleton, etc).
The worst part is even my parents and sister always complaining and criticizing me about how skinny I am, while they know every meal time I eat twice as much as them and also I eat tons of snack…They can’t defend me when my relatives picking on me. I feel like I am embarrassing them.

Skinny vs curvy

There was one time when I got close to this guy but every time we go out he always reminded me of how skinny I am by comparing me with other curvy girl. When we at the restaurants he always said that I have to order two portions of every dish so I can gain weight. I never talk to him again.

So, when people is picking on me or calling me names what should I do beside smile and saying nothing??
PS : Pardon me for my English, still learning it :)


Best Tips To Gain Weight For Skinny Women!


Joanna Soh is a very inspiring fitness/health guru, who shares her experiences and tips in YouTube videos. I just came across a video in which she shares some very good tips to gain weight for naturally skinny women, because like Joanna says: "There are people, who, no matter how much they eat - they just can't seem to put on weight."

Consume more calories than you burn.

And that's not easy, here are some tips from Joanna:
- Consume food with high calories, with heatlhy fats and natural sugars, such as olive oil, nuts, advocados and peanut butter.
- Add Omega-3 Fatty Acid intake. Consume lots of fish, beans and leavy vegetables.
- Drink a lot of milk.
- Eat more high-carb meals a day.
- Strength work-outs 3-4 times a week.


Are your small breasts looking for a small bra?


pelpina_trip_extrasmall By Pelpina Trip. "That moment when the Victoria's Secret 34A push-up bra's cup is bigger than my actual boob" - a great comment on my video about the search for bras for small breasts. If you have small boobs, and a hard time finding a bra that fits well and also looks elegantly - you're not alone! Either you can't find a bra that actually fits, or the one and only bra you kind of fit is one big pillow.
Here's another great comment I don't want you to miss:
"That frustrating/funny moment when you go shopping for a bra in a store and the only way you can get your AA boobs to fit into anything is an A push up. And they are not being pushed up, just sitting there in these pillows twice their size."

Bras that are actually made for small breasts

Yep, been there, done that. My friend Ellen had the same problem, but she took that and turned it into something wonderful: a bra line/store especially for women with small breasts. Find some pictures of LuLaLu (her store) and those bras here. Ellen recently created a wonderful video, and I just had to share it with you guys!

  • We specialize in AAA, AA & A cup bras

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